Pasifika Festival 2013


That's right family! 
Pasifika Festival is back for your twenty-thirteen.
Niu FM is back supporting the event.
But this year is a special year for Pasifika...
Can anyone guess why?

March 1992 saw the birth of a great gathering.
21 years later...
And the Pasifika Festival has grown to not only a festival where people of the nation can come together to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and colours of the Pacific...
BUT! has grown into one of Auckland's biggest cultural events!


In advance, from the team of Niu FM and Pacific Media Network, we would like to wish Pasifika Festival a...


And if you thought that was the only new thing happenin' in this year's festival, think again...

Pasifika will be running for TWO days.. that's right!
Saturday AND Sunday

Saturday 9th March - 10am to 5pm - Pasifika Festival
Sunday 10th March - 9am to 10am - Pasifika Festival Church Service
Sunday 10th March - 10am to 5pm - Pasifika Festival