Niu Talent 2013 - Your Time To Shine

Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Bula Vinaka, Kia Orana and warm greetings to you all.

I would like to introduce you to someone. 

This is Sela Alo.

20121219 104635[1].jpg

Sela Alo is a wonderful man. He is a charming man. He is a kind man.

Unfortunately, Sela Alo is also a misguided man. He is a man who has been encouraged, from a very young age, to pursue a talent he was not actually gifted with. 

 For Sela Alo believes he is...

An amazing singer...

An awe-inspiring dancer...

And an overall, crowd-grabbing performer.

Sela Alo likes to think he is the next...


  His parents didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise, nor do we here at Niu FM.

Fortunately, unlike him, there are many people out there who ARE talented. 

Probably not as talented as Michael Jackson...


Got that Sela?

 But um, yeah...


There are some talented people out there...

People who deserve to shine... 

Who deserve to shine beautiful and bright; high up above the sweet, little star that is Sela Alo.

People who deserve to show off their talents to the world.

(And by "world" we mean New Zealand.)

(And by "New Zealand" we mean, specifically, Wellington)

So Niu FM decided that it would be good to have some fun in the new year and bring to you guys the greatest talent search competition since... well since... New Zealand's Got Talent finished earlier this month.

We are calling it:


Niu Talent is a competition that is open to all ages and seeks to find the next biggest act New Zealand (*cough* Wellington) has to offer.

As of Christmas Eve, auditions officially OPEN for YOU... yes, YOU!

If you have strong vocals, are amazing on your feet or able to rap better than the next guy standing outside the dairy, then get your entry in NOW!

Send in a video of you bringing out your talent to now.

Entries close on FRIDAY the 11th JANUARY, 2013 (5pm)

How it works?

People send through videos of their vocal talents to; from those who have sent through their auditions, the TOP 10 performances will be short-listed and move on to the People's Vote stage. Their videos will be posted on the Niu FM website and a poll system will be set up so people can vote on who they want to see through to the finals.

People's Vote - Top 10:

Voting is open to the public.

They will decide on who, amongst those from the audition stage short-listed as the Top 10, will make the FINAL 5 and perform live at Positively Pasifika to win Niu Taleni.

Voting System:

We will use the poll system on the Niu FM website. The poll will list the Top 10 competitiors and visitors to the site can vote on their favourites. The FIVE with the most votes move through to the finale.

Finale - Final 5:

Judges will decide the winner.

The chosen top 5 competitors will perform on stage at Positively Pasifika. At the end of their performances, the judges will deliberate and decide on the winner.

 Let your talent shine!

Live It Up!

Terms and Conditions apply