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New Zealand's Pacific population is growing at a rate second only to the Asian population, making it imperative that 'business' has access to this market.  Through Niu FM (and Pacific Media Network) you will have a direct link to this significant market. 

Census 2006 survey found that there are 268,974 people of Pacific Island descent in New Zealand.  Of this:

  • 204,800 are aged 39 years or less
  • 178,200 live in the Auckland region
  • 135,650 are Female
  • 133,650 are aged 10-39 years
  • 77,130 are aged 20-39 years
  • 60,950 are aged 40 plus

NiuFM listeners are likely to be:

  • Female
  • Aged 18 - 39 years
  • Urban Pan Pacific (More likely to be NZ born and belong to more than one ethnic group)
  • Huge consumers of music, sport, events, movies, cars and clothing
  • Technology savvy
  • Have strong family / church / community orientation
  • Socially active - not afraid to let their hair down
  • Brand conscious - they know what brands they want to associate themselves to
  • Loyal
  • Live for today - not afraid of trying something once

Contact Pacific Media Network to find out how your message can be delivered in a credible and relevant manner, that Pacific people (NiuFM listeners) will understand and relate to.

For more information contact:

Phone: 09 361 6656